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CheckIn is the mobile first attendance tracking and managing application to use in startups, small-scale industries, middle-level industries, event organizing and colleges

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Checkin has 3 different tracking ways

QR code is fixed in a place and attendee can check-in by mobile with GPS validation.

Admin will generate QR code for an organization and can decide to set QR fixing location with using map.

Attendee will login into check-in app with his credentials and scan fixed QR code for attendance.

Attendees / Employees can check-in from remote location with GPS.

Admin will set attendee check-in as type remote and can able track their accurate location(address).

Simply attendee will login into check-in app with his credentials and register their attendance.

Distribute QR codes to attendees and track their attendance using fixed organization mobile.

Admin will generate QR code for each attendee and provide to attendee as printed Id card.

Attendee will scan their id card in the fixed organization mobile device() to their track attendance.


  • Quick report generation - Email / Download as excel / View with advanced filters.
  • Premium web application for manage attendance in desktop browsers.
  • Location tracking for each check-in/check-out entries.
  • Attendee dashboard to view their attendance by date.
  • Check-in not allowed for illegal attempts for unauthorized locations.
  • Flexible attendee/employee management with bulk upload feature.



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